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Ready for your close-up?

Okay, by now you've heard all these amazing things about Maskcara and you're dying to try it. Why can't you just go online and order it for yourself? Trust me, I get it. I did not want to send some stranger my selfie without makeup so they could try to sell me something. Right?!

I thought I could figure it out myself. I researched, looked at all the charts, read everything I could for weeks, then placed my order. I was so itching to finally try it and find out what all the hype was about! I got my colors and they were. so. wrong. The Highlight color was too yellow and the Contour didn't even show up on my skin. But I turned around and ordered more two days later. I saw the potential. I noticed there was something different about this line.

Now, my next order was a different story. When you get the right colors, picked exactly for your unique tones in your face, you'll see why this makeup is unlike anything else on the market. Why you can get the most customized color match. This is unlike traditional one shade foundation.

getting color matched with Maskcara IIID Foundation

I became an artist shortly after getting my right match and have learned so much about color matching over the past year and a half. It's definitely not as easy as looking at a chart and it takes a lot of training and practice. Plus, those charts circulating the internet that I used to match myself are maybe helpful if you already have knowledge about how the product works, but otherwise not at all how I match someone. Which is why if you are getting a match by someone through a photo, be sure to find an artist who is experienced with online color matching.

One of the biggest issues for online matching is getting a well-lit picture that shows your skin's true colors and tones. The picture shouldn't be taken under artificial lights, at night, or outside in direct sunlight. The best photo is when you face the window like you're looking outside when it's daytime, take a few steps backwards (otherwise your face will be blown out by the light and you'll appear lighter), hold the phone directly in front of your face so you can see your entire neck and face in the phone with no shadows on your face and snap that selfie. You can be wearing eye makeup as long as you are foundation free and do not filter the photo. If the photo looks true in color to what you believe your skin looks in real life, send that photo to your artist. That's it! You can even take a picture of what you like your makeup to look like and send that to your artist as well so they know how you like to wear your makeup. It helps them make the best suggestions for you!

how to selfie for a Maskcara color match
My Selfie Cheat Sheet

When I look at someone's face, I'm looking for how many tones they have. It's actually rare that someone has a perfectly even tone across their entire face and only needs one Highlight color. It's normal for people to have facial masking, or more than one tone in their face. I also look for redness, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and the color on your chest and neck. To get greater coverage, some may need an additional highlight as a color corrector. Or an "Accent" Highlight can tie in their neck color or brighten under the eyes. Using more than one Highlight gives an even greater customized look for one's individual face. When I have a special occasion and go all out, I wear four Highlight shades. That may sound excessive, but when it's just dipping into a different color and doesn't take any additional time, it's still easy! Over time I've figured out how to perfect my HAC to get the results I want. From my very first HAC to a recent picture shown below. (I swear the biggest difference to me is my confidence.)

You can see in my Color Match Questionnaire here I ask many questions to get to know your skin type, your makeup preferences and experience so that I know what to recommend to get the finish you want and help explain how to apply to get those results. Then I'm here for you as your personal makeup artist to help you troubleshoot if you ever come across any issues. I want every woman to love putting on their makeup everyday. Makeup should be fun, not a chore! If yours isn't, what are you waiting for? It's time to selfie girl! Fill out that questionnaire above and I will help you love your routine again, and maybe gain some confidence you never knew you had... like I did!



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