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How to HAC

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

maskcara makeup brushes and colors to HAC
My Favorite Four Brushes for a fast face

You've got your happy mail, opened your gorgeous new makeup, set up your custom palette and are excited, but also scared to try your new makeup. Don't worry, I'm here for you girl! It's hard to change when you've been doing your makeup with the same kind of products your whole life! But trust me, change is GOOD!

Check out my step by step below, practice it a few times, and I promise you'll get faster each time you try it and you'll be a pro in no time.

Step by step tutorial with Maskcara Beauty to HAC highlight and contour fast

1) Start with a fresh face. If applying a moisturizer or SPF, make sure to allow 20 minutes for it to fully soak in first.

2) Use Stay setting spray to prime the face. If oily, you can also try using a mattifying primer on oily areas.

3) Use your Main Highlight shade to even out your skin tone using your favorite brush. (When I want a natural finish, I choose the Detail HAC Brush. For more full coverage, I use the 30 second HAC or small end of the B squared brush.)

4) If you need color correction, such as a darker Highlight for dark spots/dark circles or one to conceal redness, apply it and layer your Main shade over lightly if needed. You might find you like to do this step first and then stipple your Main color over it. Experiment!

5) Use Accent (lighter) Highlight to brighten under the eye, center of forehead, down the center of nose and center of chin. (I like to use the pointed end of the 30 second HAC brush)

6) Use the Perfector sponge (damp and wrung out in a towel) and press into skin to remove excess, blend Highlight shades together and make it look like skin and not makeup. This is step is crucial when using multiple Highlight colors and to not get creasing under the eyes.

7) Add Contour on forehead around hairline, under cheekbones and under the jawline to sculpt out the face. (The Detail HAC Brush I found is the easiest for contouring the cheekbones.)

8) Optional: Contour the nose by adding two, thin parallel contour lines down the nose where your nose starts curving downwards. If your normal Contour color pulls red on your nose, try Shadow, which designed only for nose contouring. Add Highlight down the middle and on the sides along the contour lines to slim the nose. (Use the small end of the Detail brush for this)

9) If needed, blend again with the Perfector to make the contour seamless.

10) Use the B squared brush to apply the Lip + cheek color as blush. Find the apples of your cheeks, go slightly out and stipple the color up and along the contour line.

11) Swipe the Perfector into your cream Illuminator and press along the upper cheekbones. It blends it at the same time. Also, add anywhere else you want a little glow- under brows, down the nose, cupid's bow.

12) If you have normal to dry skin or want a dewy finish, you can set under your eyes with Vanilla Dust Setting Powder so the creams won't crease. Press it in with the Power Powder brush anywhere you want to minimize shine. If you are oily, you can powder anywhere you add Highlight and you want to do this step very LAST after you've used your setting spray in order to get a matte finish.

13) Use your Lip + cheek color on your lips as well for a touch of color. Or mix several colors to customize your lippie- that's my fave!

14) Optional: If you want a touch of sun-kissed glow, use Bella cream bronzer on the high points of your face (using the bronzer side of the B squared). Or use Cayman powder bronzer anywhere you've added contour. It will set your contour areas and blend them, giving you some warmth at the same time.

15) Spray your Stay setting spray (available with or without SPF) all over to set your makeup to last and give you a dewy finish. (If you want a matte look, powder after this step)

16) All HAC'ed and done!

If you prefer to watch and learn, check out all my video tutorials here.



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