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frequently asked questions

Okay, give me the short and sweet version....What is Seint (formerly Maskcara Beauty's) IIID Foundation? 

from our founder Cara

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Why was it called Maskcara when you don't carry mascara yet? 

MaskCara is the name of the beauty blog, started by our founder Cara Brook, and Maskcara Beauty is the cosmetic line she started.  Watch her story below.  A mascara for your lashes is patent-pending and in development and will be unlike anything else on the market.  Stay tuned.  One of the reasons for the name change to Seint in November of 2020 was because of this confusion! 

How do I know which colors to order?  Why do I need an artist's help? Why do I need color matched?  

Seint is set up with an Artist program who are trained specifically to color match you, help teach you how to use the makeup and troubleshoot any issues you may have.   Cara understood the confusion around makeup and didn't want IIID foundation to be another confusing product on the shelf in Sephora and wanted women to have personal help.   Since this is unlike the traditional makeup on the market it is difficult to match yourself based on looking at the color, since the creams look very differently on skin than they do in their tins.  And most people need more than one highlight color for the most customized match for their face. I've been studying this makeup and faces for over a year to be able to confidently look at a photo and be able to match someone perfectly.   Plus I always help my clients with any customer service issues or bypass any exchange process with Corporate by sending anything you need directly.  When you're ready to get your custom color match click here and I will personally help you every step of the way.  


Why HAC (Highlight and Contour)? 

Gone are the days of traditional, one-color all over, flat foundation.  Our faces are not flat, but three-dimensional and have natural contours.  Our IIID foundation enhances your natural features in one layer. By contouring it lifts your cheekbones, sculpts your face,  thus bringing out your bone structure and highlighting brings attention to your eyes and gives you a glowing complexion.  Traditional foundation uses one all over color, but in order to add in the dimensional and highlight you must layer product over product, which is time-consuming, can look cakey, and usually costly.  


Why creams?  Is it thick? Oily? Long-lasting? Good for all skin types? 

I could write a book on all the reasons why creams are amazing, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet!  It is the #1 choice of professional makeup artists for a reason.  This is also not your Mama's cream compact from the drugstore. They are unlike any creams you might have tried.  Never oily and will not feel thick on the skin. In fact, when used properly you should feel as if you're wearing nothing.  Creams look like skin.  They don't look cakey, just a natural dewy finish that makes the skin look more youthful and glowing.  Creams also don't clog pores like liquids or powders can because it actually sits on top of your skin.  Keeping moisture in (great for dry skin girls) and keeping out nasty environmental factors. It doesn't dry out your skin, causing your oil glands to overcompensate and produce more oil leading to oily skin issues.  So it helps to balance out your skin aka great for all skin types.  And lastly, since creams don't set they will actually move with your face. No cracking like liquid foundations and no settling into fine lines like powders do.  They are long-wearing, don't rub off, and don't melt off in the heat like you might think.  I never have to reapply during the day like I used to with traditional foundations.  I do warn all my clients if you've never worn cream foundation before it will take your skin about 2 weeks to adjust to the extra moisture and may feel slightly tacky during the adjustment period, but my skin has never been happier since I made the switch! 


What about for mature skin? 

Because as we age our skin naturally is drier than it used to be, creams are by far the best choice for mature skin! Creams won't settle into fine lines and give a natural glow that will make you look younger.  The more full coverage, matte foundations will only accentuate fine lines and age you, and nobody wants that! Plus, the Illuminator is just icing on the cake- it gives you that lit from within look that is sure to take off 10 years! My mature-skin clients are the line's biggest fans-check out the before and after that Cara did below.  


What are the ingredients?  Is it cruelty free? 

As a Chemist, I look at ingredients and have done extensive research at our makeup's ingredients in order to educate my team, so they can answer their client's questions.  If you are looking for a list of ingredients by each product click here for the list.  If you want more information regarding specific ingredients or why they are used, current research regarding their safety, or common misconceptions of some of our ingredients, I'd be happy to send you some documents I prepared, just click here.   

Here are the basics: 

Cruelty free: Definitely YES

Gluten free: Yes

Paraben free: Yes

Vegan: No, the products contain Beeswax

SPF: No, IIID Foundation does not contain SPF specifically to avoid "flashback" in photography.  


Certain terms thrown around by cosmetic companies are unregulated (and to be honest usually used as a marketing ploy) therefore Seint does not use them, such as all-natural, organic, or non-comedogenic.  Seint always using the highest quality ingredients.  And actually uses very minimal ingredients when compared to other brands.    

ingredients comparison.png

How long do they last? 

The creams are highly pigmented and use a color science that enables you to get a high level of coverage with very little product.  So a little goes a very long way.  But depending on whether you wear it for a natural coverage or full coverage or if you wear it everyday will determine how long each tin will last.  And some colors will last longer than others.  Highlights will be used up the fastest and Illuminators will last a very long time. Since they're magnetic and customizable, just pop out the empty tin and only replace what you need when you need it!  

how long.jpg

Will I know how to use it? 

This is my most asked question.  I get it, you've used traditional makeup for a long time and you know how to use that. This is a different concept, a new technique and it may take some practice to master.  But trust me YOU CAN DO IT.  With each time you apply it you'll get better and faster and soon you'll be able to put it on with one hand at a stoplight with no mirror.  This makes putting on makeup fun again! I'll show you all my tips & tricks and hacks I discover.  If you're ever needing help, just message me and we'll troubleshoot it, or I'll make a tutorial just for you.  I promise I will never leave you hanging! I'm constantly adding new tutorials on my channel, check them out here

What is the initial cost to get started? Or the essentials? Do I really need the brush? 

When you are color matched, 99% of women are matched to 2-3 highlight colors.  One being their main color and one their accent color to brighten or tie in other tones within their face (or a color corrector as well) .  Your artist will also recommend a contour color and then you can choose your favorite illuminator and lip + cheek colors.  Then depending on your skin type and preferences, I also suggest a setting powder and either the powder or cream bronzer. Since that is 7 tins (at $14 for creams and $16 for powders) and you can get a compact that will fit 8, I recommend picking one more lip + cheek to mix and match and so you have options!  Your Artist will also recommend one of the brushes depending on the coverage you want, the Perfector sponge to blend, and my favorite the setting spray to set. These brushes are designed specifically for these creams and are unlike any other on the market.  You will not get the same finish and results without one of the brushes.  Below is my most purchased essentials starter kit.  After the initial investment you only buy what you need when you run out!


What if I order and the colors don't work for me or I don't like it? 

We have an amazing return policy.  See it here.  If you need to return it you have 30 days for a full refund, or 60 days to exchange.  As my client, If I make a mistake when color matching you and you need to try another color, I will never make you go through the hassle of an exchange process and I personally will send you a new color to try until we get it right.  

Ok I'm already obsessed with the makeup, now tell me what it takes to become an Artist? 

Whether you just want a weekend side hustle to make a few extra bucks or if you want to quit your 9-5 or if you are like me and just needed something to think about all day at home with your kiddos other than laundry.  It's just sharing something you love.  And it has the potential to be so much more.  This company is still so new and its still a ground floor opportunity.  It might sound cliche but I've had more growth in this past year than any other in my life due to this journey.  If this sounds like something for you, click here to learn more and sign up for my email with all the deets you need to know about the Artisan program.  

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