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hey there!

I'm Sarah, The Contoured Chemist.  


You are a busy woman, am I right?  Full time boss babe,  24/7 Mama, or both! You don't have the time to waste scrolling, weeding through video tutorials, or searching for allthethings that will help you simplify your life, your routine, plus help you feel beautiful again after pushing out 2.5 kids.  I get it.  I used to binge watch YouTube gurus....that's before I had children and I could spend all the time I wanted to getting ready.  Being a mother is exhausting and some days just a little makeup and a great Amazon find can give you just a little more joy on a rough day.     

You wanna know what brings me joy?  Teaching women. And sharing all my discoveries along the way.  You're in the right place, if :

  • you feel "stuck" in your routine and want it to not feel like a chore anymore, but actually look forward to it each morning

  • you are nervous to try something new and very different and need one-on-one instruction

  • you want straight forward tutorials to teach you how to get the most out of your products, inspired looks to try, and love to hear tips + tricks in all things makeup and hair

  • you love to see affordable finds and proven products, from fashion to beauty and want to feel your most confident self each day




Because every woman deserves to have their confidence level at

Selfie with no filter

Whether you are a makeup novice or a beauty junkie, you'll find it all here.  If you are just now discovering Seint (formerly Maskcara Beauty), check out the FAQ's to learn more and read What is IIID?  If you are ready to get a Color Match, click here. For all my fashion lovers,  see my Current Style favorites and Staples. And if you love all things beauty and want hair and makeup looks, see my Beauty section. 


With years of teaching college students Organic Chemistry, aka the "weed out" class for pre-med students, (yes I'm a former Chemist, hence the name) I've found a knack for being able to teach and explain things in a clear and simplified way.  I've always been obsessed with beauty, so now I translate it to makeup application techniques and sometimes you'll see my science background make an appearance.  I'm still a nerd at heart.  Except now I geek out teaching other women how to do what I do and run their own businesses too.    

So I'm now on a mission to share my love for all things quick and easy that have made my life SIMPLER and helped me feel like me again.....from the best in beauty to all things #momlife.  Want to see my favorite additions to my beauty arsenal and ride or die beauty tips before anyone else? Join my newsletter tribe here.  



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