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Golden Eyes
Eyeshadows: Leo, Gold Digger, Ginger, Filly, Bubba and Goldie Powder Illuminator
Red lips
Lips: Cola contour + Scarlet lip & cheek

Ever Red blush

Eyes: Bubba, Trust, Stardust, Sabrina
Fresh & Natural
Mango/Amber/Aura Highlights
Olive Contour
Nude lip + cheek
Nude & Desert Sunset lips
Eyes: Bubba/Filly/As you Wish/Foxy
Cole contour as Eyeliner
Photoshop Illuminator
Dark Pink lips
Maybelline Matte Ink in Inspirer
Green & Gold Glitter
Eyeshadows: Basic, Ivy League, #33, Filly, Gold Digger, Dollywood, Graceland, Salem, Sabrina
Moody lips
Wearing: Mango, Amber, Aura Highlights, Olive Contour, Black cherry lip + cheek, Rose Gold Illuminator and Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in Composer
Nude lips
Lips lined with Astoria Contour and filled with Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink in Loyalist
The Glow
Georgia Powder Illuminator
Smokey eyes
Eyeshadows: Cole, Sabrina, Trust, Bubba, Stardust, Salem
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The Glow

Georgia Powder Illuminator

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